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The 14th International Multi-Conference on
Complexity, Informatics and Cybernetics: IMCIC 2023©
March 28 - 31, 2023  ~  Virtual Conference
Organized by IIIS
in Orlando, Florida, USA.
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  Potential Functions of the Program Committee's Members
Potential Functions of the Program Committee's Members

Potential Functions of the Program Committee's Members of IIIS Conferences, Symposiums or Special Tracks Being Organized in the Context of Them.

Program Committee's members or potential members should accept the two-tier reviewing methodology and acceptance policy being used by the Organizing Committee of the conference, symposium or special track. The functions of a Program Committee's member are one or several of the following:
  1. To suggest areas and topics in the Conference Program.
  2. To support the reviewing process by means of reviewing one or more submitted articles.
  3. To suggest names of high quality scholars, experts, researchers, consultants or professionals, who also might be invited to support the reviewing process as additional reviewers. The name of reviewers, who reviewed at least one submission, will be included in the respective proceedings.
  4. To chair one or more sessions in the case he/she attends the conference.
  5. To promote the conference in his/her network and/or organization.
  6. To suggest the name of an organization that might be willing to be an academic/scientific (non financial) co-sponsor of the event.
Any member of the Program Committee should register in order to attend the conference, but to attend a conference is not a requirement for accepting to be member of the Program Committee of an event (conference, symposium, or track).

The organizers of each conference will include a list of the Program Committee's members in the respective website and conference proceedings. Conferences websites will be accessible up to one year after the conference is over. Consequently, the web page of the Program Committee's members will not be available any more after one year. Members who have academic, professional or personal interest in these lists should save the respective copy in their personal files. Organizing Committees and the International Institute of Informatics and Systemics have no more responsibilities than the ones stated here and any justifiable exception would not be feasible any more after one year of the respective conference.

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