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The 14th International Multi-Conference on
Complexity, Informatics and Cybernetics: IMCIC 2023©
March 28 - 31, 2023  ~  Virtual Conference
Organized by IIIS
in Orlando, Florida, USA.
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  Program Committee

The Program Committee is mostly formed by 1) the authors of the sessions' best papers of IMCIC 2022 ; 2) its effective invited session organizers who also were co-editors of the conference proceedings; and 3) some members of past IIIS Conferences, who were also authors of best papers. (Those who manifested no interest in participating in the Program Committee have been removed).

Abuleil, Saleem (United States) Chicago State University
Ahmad, Imran (Canada) Cloudanum Inc.
Alhayyan, Khalid N. (Saudi Arabia) Institute of Public Administration
Alsamara, Khalid (United States) Chicago State University
Ash, George (United States) Franciscan University
Ayala, Paulina (Ecuador) Universidad Tcnica de Ambato
Baracho, Renata Maria Abrantes (Brazil) Federal University of Minas Gerais
Basthikodi, Mustafa (India) Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management
Bishop, Desmond (Tres) (United States) University of South Florida
Bowman, Timothy (United States) Middletown City Schools
Castellanos, Esteban X. (Ecuador) University of the Armed Forces
Chen, Jing-Chao (China) Donghua University
Chen, Chau-Kuang (United States) Meharry Medical College
Chen, Zhebo (China) Taizhou Institute of Zhejiang University
Correa, Luiza Giori Barcellos (Brazil) Federal University of Minas Gerais
Dittes, Frank-Michael (Germany) University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen
Eshragh, Sepideh (United States) University of Delaware
Fabiano, Nicola (Italy) Studio Legale Fabiano
Foltz, Kevin (United States) Institute for Defense Analyses
Gradinaru, Alexandru (Romania) University Politehnica Bucharest
Haba, Cristian-Gyz (Romania) "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iasi
Hargas, Libor (Slovakia) University of Zilina
Horne, Jeremy (United States) Inventors Assistance League
Hughes Jr., John (United States) Meharry Medical College
Irwin, Bill (Canada) Huron University College
Kachanova, Tamara L. (Russian Federation) Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University LETI
Kamper, Derek (United States) Illinois Institute of Technology
Kim, Seulbae (South Korea) Korea University
Koch, Gerda (Austria) AIT Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
Koch, Walter (Austria) Steinbeis Transferzentrum IMCHI
Kokiko, Charles M. (United States) Jefferson County Educational Service Center
Koniar, Dusan (Slovakia) University of Zilina
Kusumi, Ariyoshi (Japan) Chukyo University
Kwon, Hyuckmin (South Korea) Korea University
La Manna, Mario (Italy) Evoelectronics
Lewis, Nora (United States) Wright State University
Li, Xiaoxia (China) Zhejiang University
Lokaj, Zdenek (Czech Republic) Czech Technical University in Prague
Lunsford, Suzanne K. (United States) Wright State University
Malhotra, Rashmi (United States) Saint Joseph's University
Martin, Marcienne (France) Laboratoire ORACLE
Naah, Basil (United States) Wright State University
Orantes-Jimnez, Sandra D. (Mexico) Instituto Politcnico Nacional
Oropeza, Miguel A. (Mexico) University of Aguascalientes
Pickl, Stefan (Germany) Bundeswehr University Munich
Porto, Marcelo (Brazil) Federal University of Minas Gerais
Preuss, Fabian (United States) University of Wisconsin Parkside
Rodrguez, Jorge E. (Colombia) Francisco Jos de Caldas District University
Roslovtsev, Vladimir (Russian Federation) National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
Sala, Nicoletta (Switzerland) University of Italian Switzerland Largo Bernasconi
Samuels, A. Dexter (United States) Meharry Medical College
Schuh, Gnther (Germany) RWTH Aachen University
Simonova, Anna (Slovakia) University of Zilina
Simpson, William R. (United States) Institute for Defense Analyses
Smit, Peter (Netherlands) Crisis Support Team
Soceanu, Alexandru (Germany) Munich University of Applied Sciences
Spanikova, Gabriela (Slovakia) Comenius University in Bratislava
Stringer, Joseph (United States) Middletown City Schools Middletown
Sun, Baolin (China) Wuhan University
Tolias, Stamatina (United States) Wright State University
Tsoupikova, Daria (United States) University of Illinois at Chicago
Vasylenko, Maksym (Germany) Munich University of Applied Sciences
Vivanco, Jess Salvador (Mexico) University of Aguascalientes
Vogt, Klaus (Latvia) Medical Practice Schachenreiter
Vrna, Stanislav (Czech Republic) Czech Technical University in Prague
Wang, Jixue (China) China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute
Yan, Wenjun (China) Zhejiang University
Yang, Qiang (China) Zhejiang University-Taihu University
Zelinka, Tomas (Czech Republic) Czech Technical University in Prague
Zykov, Sergey (Russian Federation) National Research University Higher School of Economics

   Special Tracks

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